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COVID-19 has put a strange cloud over us, but the silver lining still shines through. Finding ways to stay healthy during the lock down has led many to rediscover the outdoors through cycling.

We recognize that for many, biking is essential for transportation and living an active lifestyle. Our bike shop plays a key role in sustaining this opportunity for you. As we continue to support you in finding your cycling needs, we are adapting as quickly as we can to ensure that our sales floor and service department remain uninterrupted.

During this unprecedented time, our employees and your safety is our number one priority. Because of this, your visit at Alex Bike Shop may be unorthodox. Current staff of Alex Bike Shop must be at full health to be on site. Additionally for your safety, Alex Bike Shop employees may be wearing masks.


Customers may also purchase merchandise and get their bike serviced without going into our store. Call for a one on one conversation to find the right products for you. Or shop online at and select Pick up in store when choosing your delivery method at checkout, pick Alex Bike Shop as your retailer. You can pick up your products outside our front door or have them shipped to you for an addition shipping charge. Bike repairs and tune up's can be dropped off outside with an appointment scheduled through the phone. 

While we support one another through this trying time, we remain more confident than ever in the power of the bike to heal, inspire, and serve the local cycling needs of riders.

Alex Bike Shop

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