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Comfort bike are by far our most popular bike style. These bikes are built mainly for leisurely, recreational riding and short distance jaunts on bike paths or paved roads. These bikes will have a very comfortable, upright riding position, and a large, comfortable seat.

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Mountain bikes are bikes designed for off-road cycling. Mountain bikes share similarities with other bicycles, but incorporate features designed to enhance durability and performance in rough terrain. These typically include a front or full suspension, large knobby tires, more durable wheel, more powerful brakes, straight handlebars, and lower gear ratios for climbing steep grades


Electric Bikes

An electric bicycle, also known as an e-bike, power bike or booster bike, is a bicycle with an integrated electric motor which can be used for propulsion. E-bikes use rechargeable batteries and can travel up to 120 miles on one charge while going a max speed of 28 mph. Electric bikes can be found in all riding styles including comfort, mountain, road, etc.

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Fitness bike are generally a type of hybrid bicycle which exhibits road bike speed and upright comfort join together for aggressive fitness rides or long commutes.

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Road bikes are bicycles built for traveling at speed on paved roads. Some road bikes are used for bicycle racing. Compared to other styles of bicycle, road bicycles share common features including narrow tires, drop down handlebars, and a lightweight construction.

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Dual Purpose

These are types of bike designed to go both on, and off road road. Thus describes the name dual purpose. A type of hybrid bicycle conceived of a mountain bike and a street style bike.They generally have a damping shock in front to soak up bumps off road and a narrow tire for when on the street. A bike you can take anywhere, anytime.

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Fat Bike

A fat bike also know as a fat tire bike, is an off-road bicycle with oversized tires designed for low ground pressure to allow riding on soft, unstable terrain, such as snow, sand, bogs and mud. Fat Bikes are built around frames with wide forks and stays to accommodate the wide rims required to fit these tires. The wide tires can be used with low inflation pressures to allow for a smooth ride over rough obstacles.

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Kids bikes have smaller frames, wheels, and other components to make them usable by kids of any size. They are made in different styles and colors that kids will love.

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Adult Trike

Adult tricycles are used primarily for recreation, shopping, and exercise. Tricycles are favoured by children and senior adults for their apparent stability versus a bicycle.

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A recumbent bicycle or tricycle that places the rider in a laid-back reclining position. Most recumbent riders choose this type of design for ergonomic reasons. The rider's weight is distributed comfortably over a larger area, supported by back and buttocks. On a traditional upright model, the body weight rests entirely on a small portion of the sitting bones, the feet, and the hands.



A unicycle is a bike that touches the ground with only one wheel. The most common variation has a frame with a saddle, and has a pedal-driven direct drive.

Bike Styles

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