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Alex Bike Shop has the knowledge and experience to work on any brand of bike. If you bought it at your local department store or bought it 20 years ago at a bike shop, we can work on it.

Alex Bike Shop runs a full service department that does full overall tune up's as well as small to big repairs. All common repair parts are kept on hand for a speedy turnaround time.

We know waiting to have you bike tuned up or repaired is no fun. There are only so many months we can ride in Minnesota, so we know its important to have your bike while the warm weather lasts! We make it our goal to have your bike tuned up or repaired in a very timely manner. But most importantly, done right.

When will my bike be ready?


1-4 DAYS



Why overpay for a bike repair estimate

It can be difficult to know why your bike isnt working correctly. At Alex Bike Shop, we put your bike in our check in stand to give you a full detailed estimate on what it takes to get your bike up and running again. Best of all, we do it for free!



Do I need to call before I bring my bike?

No need! Alex Bike Shop has staff on hand to give you a detailed estimate when ever you want to bring it in. Any time, any day.

No appointments necessary!

Tune Up Packages


1-4 DAYS

We invite you to take a look at some of our tune up  packages we offer in our store. Our Bike Shop is proud to  give all of our customers fast results and quality work. Don't need a full tune up? We can fix individual parts of your bike!

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Advanced Tune Up


All the features of our Basic Tune Up AND Performance Tune Up


• Replacement of all loose ball bearings in the:

-Bottom Bracket


-Front and Rear hubs

(excludes parts)

Performance Tune Up




All the features of our Basic Tune Up


• All drive train components removed and washed in our ultra sonic parts washer

• Derailleur hanger alignment 

• Detailed frame cleaning

(excludes parts)

Basic Tune Up


• Shifting adjustments

• Brake adjustments

• Front hub adjustment

• Rear hub adjustment

• Bottom bracket adjustment

• Headset adjustment

• Wheel Alignment

• Frame wipe down

• Lubrication of all moving parts

• Safety inspection

(excludes parts)

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